Monday Reads

I have a great couple of recommendations for you this week! As always, I like to recommend books I'm currently reading (but might not yet have finished). First of all, many of you may already be fans of Ruth Ware. Well, I warrant that this book blows her others out of the water (and I… Continue reading Monday Reads

Newest Member of the Gothic Group

The last two weeks, I've been living through an interesting bout of dog illnesses. Our oldest and largest greyhound was diagnosed with lymphoma back in late March and was given about a year to live. In an unrelated incident, he contracted a dog "bug" while at the groomers and proceeded to pass it along to… Continue reading Newest Member of the Gothic Group

Monday Reads

It's Monday again … they just keep coming around, don't they? Anyway, time for a reading suggestion to get you through the week. I always like to suggest a book that  I'm currently reading (even if I haven't yet finished it). Currently, I'm reading an awesome novel by Leigh Anderson called Dangerous Passions. The book… Continue reading Monday Reads