The Haunted House: Setting, symbol, or psychosis?

The Shining. The Haunting of Hill House. Wuthering Heights. In all of these novels, nearly the most important part of the story is the house itself. When you consider literature in which the physical setting of the house is of monumental importance, there is usually a symbolic and a psychological component as well. In the… Continue reading The Haunted House: Setting, symbol, or psychosis?

H is for Heathcliff

It's day eight of the A to Z Challenge. Love him or hate him, there are few characters who have influenced literature like the classic anti-hero Heathcliff. Dark, tormented, a complete nightmare for every woman that crosses his path... Heathcliff! Personally, my feeling is ... I mean, what's not to love? Actually, Wuthering Heights is… Continue reading H is for Heathcliff