Spooky, Creepy, and Weird Writing Inspiration

Abandoned houses. Roaring thunderstorms. Flickering chandeliers. Flaming candelabras. Derelict cemeteries. These are a few of my favorite things . . . and imagery that can be found in one or more of my gothic suspense and supernatural thriller novels. Recently, a lot of people have asked me where I get “ideas” for my stories, settings,… Continue reading Spooky, Creepy, and Weird Writing Inspiration

Stumbling Across Disorders and Diseases

I don’t usually adhere to that old, tired adage “write what you know.” Why would I want to write about what I know? I write to move out of my regular life and explore other worlds and other people’s lives with different problems than my own. Whenever I’ve written about something close to home, it… Continue reading Stumbling Across Disorders and Diseases