Monday Reads

It's Monday again … they just keep coming around, don't they? Anyway, time for a reading suggestion to get you through the week. I always like to suggest a book that  I'm currently reading (even if I haven't yet finished it). Currently, I'm reading an awesome novel by Leigh Anderson called Dangerous Passions. The book… Continue reading Monday Reads

Release Day for #Wildfell!

I'm a little shell-shocked today. It sort of  seemed like this day might never come. I started writing Wildfell in the summer of 2016. I worked on it off and on, sending it off to various beta readers. It started as one thing and ended as something else entirely, but I feel a little like… Continue reading Release Day for #Wildfell!

W is for Wildfell

During the month of April, I've participated in the A to Z Blog Challenge. If you'd like to check out other bloggers and what they're  writing about, click HERE. Today's letter is W, and it couldn't have fallen at a better place in the alphabet. My gothic suspense novel Wildfell comes out tomorrow, and I'm… Continue reading W is for Wildfell