The Incubus Attack

In the Legacy of Darkness novels (The Meadows and the upcoming Whickering Place), I've included references to the incubus and succubus. In short, these are sexually aggressive demons that seduce men and women in their sleep. References to these demons goes way back. St. Augustine, King James, and Thomas Aquinas all wrote about them in… Continue reading The Incubus Attack

The Haunted House: Setting, symbol, or psychosis?

The Shining. The Haunting of Hill House. Wuthering Heights. In all of these novels, nearly the most important part of the story is the house itself. When you consider literature in which the physical setting of the house is of monumental importance, there is usually a symbolic and a psychological component as well. In the… Continue reading The Haunted House: Setting, symbol, or psychosis?

Gothic Reads to Kick off 2019

Happy New Year! Many of you may already have your 2019 Goodreads Reading Challenges in place by now, so I have a few Gothic novel suggestions to add to your list. House of Shadows by Darcy Coates Okay, folks. I read this in two days. I am a super slow reader, and I usually have… Continue reading Gothic Reads to Kick off 2019

Greyhounds Make Great Pets

On Wednesday of this week, we had to make the agonizing decision to help our nearly twelve-year-old greyhound over the Rainbow Bridge. Chase had been my friend, confidante, walking partner, and "baby" since 2012. He was diagnosed with lymphoma in March, and we feel very thankful to have kept him until November while treating with… Continue reading Greyhounds Make Great Pets