Really Scary Things

I’ve been rewatching the Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House this week. It’s prompted me to think about what is truly frightening in a raise-the-hairs-on-your-arms kind of way as opposed to what is just sick-to-your-stomach horror. For me personally, I enjoy the goosebumps more than the nausea. But investigating the sorts of things that… Continue reading Really Scary Things

The Fascination of an Abandoned Amusement Park

What is it about abandoned locations that makes them so fascinating? The other day I came across an article about creepy, abandoned places, and one of the featured spots was a derelict theme park in New Orleans. This prompted me to do further reading on the attraction, and I learned that the abandoned amusement park… Continue reading The Fascination of an Abandoned Amusement Park

When Vampires Go Bad

In a previous blog entry, I addressed the subculture of vampirism in which people practice bloodletting and consumption, or vampirism that consists of siphoning off another person’s energy, but most of these self-professed vampires are living a lifestyle that doesn’t involve actually hurting anyone. In Whickering Place, the second book of the Legacy of Darkness… Continue reading When Vampires Go Bad

Stumbling Across Disorders and Diseases

I don’t usually adhere to that old, tired adage “write what you know.” Why would I want to write about what I know? I write to move out of my regular life and explore other worlds and other people’s lives with different problems than my own. Whenever I’ve written about something close to home, it… Continue reading Stumbling Across Disorders and Diseases

Vampires are people too

Whickering Place is a multilayered supernatural thriller with a love story and internal/external conflicts. One of the external conflicts involves a vampire cult that is actively and successfully recruiting, and you know … just killing a few people along the way. As a little introduction, I thought it might be interesting to cast some light… Continue reading Vampires are people too