The Meadows

Legacy of Darkness Book 1

A decades-old murder. A strange, blood-thirsty cult. And a house full of spirits.

It was supposed to be a new beginning, a fresh start in the Shenandoah Valley, where Scarlett’s memories weren’t riddled with drug addiction and rehab. But after purchasing an abandoned house with a checkered past in the hopes of transforming it into a luxury bed and breakfast, strange things start to happen. Disturbing voices and noises interrupt her new life. Strangers appear, bearing cryptic warnings. A tunnel is discovered underneath the house—one historically used for a local cult’s rituals. After several of Scarlett’s guests are hospitalized, she realizes she is being targeted by violent spirits.

Driven to the edge of despair, Scarlett vows to fight back—but she has no idea what she’s really battling. And her nightmare is just beginning…

The Meadows is a gripping supernatural thriller in which the monsters may be vampires, demons, or flesh and blood. It is a nightmare that will make you believe it could easily happen to you.




“Wildfell by London Clarke turned out to be a cracking good read… The characters are an eclectic bunch, each having their own story to tell, and each was developed individually and as part of the main story. This is a chilling tale, full of horrors you don’t even want to dream of and plenty of suspense. For a debut novel, it’s brilliant. I hope to read more from London Clarke in the future.”–Review from Readers’ Favorite

“A definite must-read for Bronte fans or anyone who loves Gothic novels! I instantly connected with the protagonist and her story, and I couldn’t rest until I reached the ending. The mystery intertwined with the story is gripping and the characters are real and complicated. I intend to read more by this author.”–Jacqueline Patterson, Author

“This book is creepy scary. Who doesn’t like old buildings and unexplained events. This book is such an easy read and is very hard to put down. The main character is very easy to relate to. The ending will shock you a little. But keep reading.” —5-Star Amazon Review

Running away isn’t always an escape…

After a traumatic experience with her graduate school professor, Anne Fleming disposes of all her possessions, boards a plane, and plans to check out of life. But a chance meeting on an international flight leads her to Wildfell, a gothic mansion north of London. At first glance, Wildfell seems like the perfect place to hide out, and Anne is intrigued by its strange atmosphere and history of disappearances and deaths. But echoing voices, ghostly mists, a mute girl with a sketchbook full of murders, and a possessive landlady force her to confront her deepest fears.

Anne’s budding romance with gorgeous Irish actor Bain Tierney holds her to the house. But when Wildfell tenants begin disappearing and dying, Anne must decide if she trusts Bain. Is anyone in the house who they claim to be? Or are there are other forces at work inside Wildfell? And will they ever let her leave?

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