3 People Who Were Unlucky on Friday the 13th


Murder of Lillian Madison

On the night of Friday, March 13, 1885, a young Lillian Madison was spotted walking with a man near Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia. The next morning, locals found the woman floating in the Old City Reservoir. Lillian Madison and her cousin Tommy Cluverius had been carrying on a steamy affair for sometime, which included midnight trysts and rendezvous. Cluverius was a lawyer and a Sunday school teacher. He was often described as soft-spoken and easy-going. But the problems arose when Lilly became pregnant.

Now in a terrible predicament, Cluverius had to devise a plan. He told Lilly he wanted to see her on that cold Friday night in March to discuss how they could fix the situation. The last night Madison was seen alive, she was said to have confided in a friend that she sensed something terrible would happen. And it did. Madison was clubbed on the side of the head, but that didn’t kill her. More likely she drowned, as her hands were filled with bits of earth from the bottom of the reservoir. Two sets of footprints led into the water. Cluverius was arrested, tried, and convicted on circumstantial evidence. The jail yard was full to brimming with spectators when he was hanged, and the crowd cheered at the pronouncement of his death.

From Find a Grave Memorial


Murder of Kitty Genovese

The fact that this next crime took place on Friday the 13th is actually the least horrific thing about it. In 1964, Kitty Genovese, a 29-year-old punch-card operator, was stabbed to death in New York City while 38 people watched and listened to her screams. The attack went on for over half an hour in three separate occasions (her attacker kept coming back for more). But no one did anything to try to stop it, except for one man who called out the window, “Leave that girl alone!”


Kitty Genovese From Wikipedia

Genovese was then able to stagger into her apartment building. But no one came to her aid or tried to help her, allowing the attacker to enter the building and finish the job. This murder made history for being a textbook case of bystander effect. Loads of people saw it go down; no one wanted to get involved. Only one person called the police after she was already dead.


Murder of Brittany Killgore

On April 13, 2012, a supposed S&M encounter that got out of control resulted in the death of 22-year-old Brittany Killgore, the wife of a Marine. The night in question, Killgore was planning to go on a San Diego dinner cruise with a new friend, Louis Ray Perez. Authorities don’t believe she ever made it to the cruise. In fact, one of her friends received a text from Killgore that night with one word: Help. Killgore went missing after that night. Her body was found four days later near Lake Skinner.

Louis Ray Lopez, his girlfriend Dorothy Grace Marie Mariglino, and Jessica Lynn Lopez were arrested on counts of kidnapping, torture, and murder. According to court testimony, the threesome had participated in an assortment of BDSM, master/slave activity for some time, which regularly incorporated consensual role play, but one witness testified that the group’s discussion of abduction had recently included more than fantasy and consent. All three were found guilty. Louis Lopez and Mariglino were sentenced to life.





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