Cover Reveal for THE MEADOWS


Hi everyone! Happy Friday…

I’m so excited today to bring you the cover for my new novel coming out in October.

Here’s the cover and a blurb to tide you over until the book available!


The new page-turning supernatural thriller from the author of Wildfell.

A decades-old murder. A strange, blood-thirsty cult. And a house full of spirits.

It was supposed to be a new beginning, a fresh start in the Shenandoah Valley, where Scarlett’s memories weren’t riddled with drug addiction and rehab. But after purchasing an abandoned house with a checkered past in the hopes of transforming it into a luxury bed and breakfast, strange things start to happen. Disturbing voices and noises interrupt her new life. Strangers appear to her, bearing cryptic warnings. A tunnel is discovered underneath the house—one historically used for a local cult’s rituals. After several of Scarlett’s guests are hospitalized after visiting the tunnel, she finds herself targeted by violent spirits.

Driven to the edge of despair, Scarlett vows to fight back—but she has no idea what she’s really fighting. And her nightmare is just beginning…

The Meadows is a gripping supernatural thriller in which the monsters may be vampires, demons, or flesh and blood. It is a nightmare that will make you believe it could easily happen to you.

Pre-order should be available in about a month! I’ll keep you posted.

Until then, walk in the light…

5 thoughts on “Cover Reveal for THE MEADOWS”

  1. Ohhhh this sounds sooooo good! I’m already creeped out by it too – cult stuff can be scary. I love the abandoned house turned B&B idea. Tabby and I both LOVE the cover. Can’t wait until pre-order!!

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