Monday Reads

I have a great couple of recommendations for you this week! As always, I like to recommend books I’m currently reading (but might not yet have finished). First of all, many of you may already be fans of Ruth Ware. Well, I warrant that this book blows her others out of the water (and I happen to think a lot of her other books).


The Death of Mrs. Westaway is a departure from her other novels, although it maintains the Ruth Ware stamp of modern mystery. Harriet “Hal” is a London tarot card reader, who might not necessarily believe her own hype. But when she’s suddenly the recipient of what appears to be a mistaken letter informing her that her grandmother has died and left her an inheritance, she’s very confused, since the name listed is not the name of her grandmother. Even so, Hal is struggling to pay her bills and eke out an existence, so she considers impersonating the relative they think her to be in order to benefit monetarily. But when she arrives at the funeral, it’s quite clear that there’s something strange going on. Maybe this inheritance isn’t what it’s cracked up to be after all.

The setting, characters, and dialogue are all spot on and harken back to the classic Agatha Christie mystery or Daphne Du Maurier Gothicism. This is the most unputdownable of all Ware’s novels. I highly recommend.

Other Recommended Reads:

The Torment of Cassandra

I just started reading this one last night, but I confess I had a hard time putting down the Kindle and turning off the light because I was so engaged in the story. Admittedly, this is the first Renee Ross I’ve read, and it’s book three in the series, but from what I can tell it’s easily a standalone book.

From Amazon:

Cassandra Powell is a young woman used to getting her way. When she falls in love with Jeremy Thorne–a man in need of an heir–she keeps her infertility a secret.

Not until she’s living in the family’s ancestral castle on the cliff, does she learn its horrifying history and about the room at the top of the stairs she’s forbidden to enter.

Her defiance sets off a fresh wave of tragic events that pushes their fragile relationship to the brink. After nearly two years with no baby on the way, Jeremy grows darker and more distant than ever.

When Cassandra intercepts a letter from her husband’s recent dalliance who’s found herself with child, she’s devastated by his betrayal. However, she has no intention of simply accepting her fate.

Cassandra seizes the opportunity of manipulating the unfortunate circumstances to her advantage. Only this time, the price of getting her way is so high, death would be more merciful.

If you like traditional Gothic novels, the kind made famous in the sixties and seventies by the likes of Victoria Holt, then this is for you. I grew up reading these novels from my grandmother’s library, so I’m so excited to see this genre resurrected and brought to life by authors once more.


What are you reading this week?

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