Monday Reads

Happy Monday!

Mondays are my least favorite day of the week, so in order to make them a little more palatable, I’ll be sending out book suggestions.

This Monday’s Features:


Imagine you lose your mind… and something’s waiting to take its place.


Secrets. Lies. And a second chance at love..


Praise for Wildfell

“Who doesn’t like old buildings and unexplained events. This book is such an easy read and is very hard to put down. The main character is very easy to relate to. The ending will shock you a little. But keep reading.”–FIVE-Star Amazon Review

“Well, that was CREEPY! I loved every terrifying moment. I hope London Clarke has more of these stories rattling around in her head! I definitely recommend this book!”–FIVE-Star Amazon Review

“Wildfell by London Clarke turned out to be a cracking good read.  I like stories that pull you in and, once I got into this one, it did just that. The characters are an eclectic bunch, each having their own story to tell, and each was developed individually and as part of the main story. This is a chilling tale, full of horrors you don’t even want to dream of and plenty of suspense.”–Editorial Review, Readers’ Favorite Five Star


Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iBooks, and more…


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