W is for Wildfell


During the month of April, I’ve participated in the A to Z Blog Challenge. If you’d like to check out other bloggers and what they’re  writing about, click HERE.

Today’s letter is W, and it couldn’t have fallen at a better place in the alphabet. My gothic suspense novel Wildfell comes out tomorrow, and I’m really excited about it.




Wildfell was a very different novel in its first iteration, but it evolved into something scary and atmospheric and a little romantic … and hopefully, readers will fall in love with the setting and the characters (as I did while writing it).

Here’s the blurb:

Anne Fleming is running away.

An ill-fated relationship with her grad school professor drives Anne to check out of life. After disposing of all her possessions, Anne assumes a new identity and boards a plane. But a chance meeting on a London-bound flight leads her to Wildfell, a gothic mansion with a cast of strange characters and a long history of disappearances and deaths.

While living at Wildfell, Anne is plagued by voices, ghostly mists, and a mute girl with a sketchbook full of murders. She only remains because of her violent attraction to fellow inhabitant—gorgeous actor Bain Tierney. But when Wildfell tenants begin disappearing one by one, Anne must decide if she trusts Bain. Is anyone in the house who they claim to be? Or are there are other forces at work inside Wildfell? And will they ever let her leave?

Wildfell is currently available for pre-order on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iBook, and more, and will be released in ebook and paperback tomorrow, April 27.

What people are saying about WILDFELL:

“Wow! Wildfell returned me to my love of gothic mysteries. I devoured this story in 1 day, reading during work breaks, while cooking, in bed and at dawn…I just could not put it down. The adventure of running away to another country, coupled with the paranormal activities in the ancient house and the mystery of the missing tenants had me enthralled from the first page.” –Julie, Goodreads 

“Wildfell is a tremendously enjoyable horror story. Based more on what you don’t see rather than what is there, it is constructed in the way a good ghost story or haunted house book should be : no excessive scenes. The reader’s imagination runs wild with “what ifs”, and there are several very good, blood curling scenes…”–Gianna, Goodreads


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