U is for Uninvited


We’re down to the end of the alphabet, folks. Only few more letters to go in the 2018 April A to Z Blog Challenge. Today, I’m featuring a book that’s about ten years old, but I’m reading it for the second time, and it’s every bit as chilling as it was a decade ago.

The Uninvited follows the true story of Steven LaChance and his family, who move into a rental home in Union, Missouri, only to find that it is already inhabited–by angry demons.


The poor guy had already been through a lot–his wife had abandoned him with three children, and they’d lost their home and a lot of their belongings in the course of the divorce. The children had lost their mother, as she wasn’t at all interested in kids and firmly stated that she was mainly leaving the children. By the way, all of this happens in the first few pages of the book, so no real spoilers here.

Suffice it to say, by the time Steven LaChance and his children moved into the house, he was already riding on his last nerve. Once living in what is now known as “The Union Screaming House,” LaChance and his children were the victims of vicious physical attacks. Throwing, scratching, biting, etc. The LaChances didn’t stay long. But another family still moved in and were subject to the same and worse. The demons perpetrated assaults, caused two people to be institutionalized, and incited one woman to murder her husband.

This is a chilling memoir that was eventually featured on the hit show A Haunting (“Fear House” episode). It was also named by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch as one of the Best Books of 2008. If you’re  looking for a good scare that will keep you up at night turning pages, check this one out.

What are you reading?

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