K is for Killer Clothing


I’m participating in the 2018 April A to Z Blog Challenge. Check out other bloggers HERE.

About a year ago, I searched up “gothic clothing” on the Internet, and I stumbled upon some fantastic options.

First of all, Goodgoth.com is run by a woman, who tried out the mail order industry in the early nineties before the Internet really took off. The business didn’t fly then, but she tried it a few years later once the Internet was booming. Success! Now, she has a thriving online clothing company geared toward goths and steampunks.

shirt (2)

(corset top from Goodgoth)

Dare Fashion is another great online store, also created and run by a woman and specializing in Victorian and steam-punk-inspired clothing, which also runs in plus sizes.


(Me wearing both Dare Fashion and Goodgoth)

Finally, Dysfunctional Doll provides goth clothing and cosmetics, but I really love her jewelry. Recently I scored a fabulous choker.

gothic clothing(Black Heart Gothic Roses Victorian Choker From Dysfunctional Doll)

What are some of your favorite online clothing stores?

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