F is for Fangs

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In 2010, when the Twilight craze was at full crest, news and YouTube stories featured people (teens, specifically) requesting that their dentist cap their teeth with fang veneers or permanently file them into fangs. Tattoos and piercings … how passé!

Check out YouTube video here.

I’m as much a fan of vampires as any other good goth, but when it comes to permanently altering my teeth in order to resemble something I will never actually be … well, I draw the line.


Yet others seem happy to do it. And apparently the cost is anywhere from $3-5,000. There is, however, a cheaper, less-permanent option.

Gone are the days of glow-in-the-dark plastic fangs that look more like a dental fluoride tray than teeth.


I was surprised to find several online stores selling realistic, custom-fit fangs in many varieties and styles. Check out Scarecrow Fangs, where you can purchase fangs at the bargain-dungeon price of $8.99-$35.99. These individual fangs fit over top of your own. They even come in gold, gunmetal gray, and studded with precious stones!


Are you a fang fan?

2 thoughts on “F is for Fangs”

  1. I confess the Twilight thing passed me by completely, but then it wasn’t aimed at my demographic. Fangs in general though, are pretty cool – most recently I’ve been catching up with the series ‘Penny Dreadful’ which has loads of fangs and is very much more adult-orientated entertainment!

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