A is for The Addams Family


During the month of April, I’m participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. It’s day one, and the first letter is A.

Remember these guys?


This show was a little before my time, but as a kid, I watched all of the episodes as re-runs. Mortisha was my hero. I loved the way she dressed, her manner of speaking, and her housekeeping and gardening skills were unsurpassed. Gomez was pretty cool too. And their house? Don’t even get me started. I still dream of living in a place like this!


Their life seemed totally normal to me. The show’s producers were effective at making the neighbors look like the weirdos.

Sadly, there just aren’t any good role models these days. Where are the Mortishas? Where are the Wednesdays? I can’t find a single show to watch that makes me feel all warm and tingly the way The Addams Family did.

So, I watch HGTV (Hairy Ghouls Television), hopeful that one day black will make a huge comeback…


What is one of your all-time favorite TV shows?


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